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Top 10 Snapchat Filters Which You Must Know!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms and it is famous for its snaps and filters used. But do you know which are the most popular filters? Well, if you don’t, no worries! In this post, we will discuss some of the best snapchat Filters you should try.

How to get snapchat filters?

Well, most of the snapchat filters that i-demand displays on the website, you can scroll and find them on the right side. It starts showing the filters when it recognizes a face, and then you can check out all the amazing highlighted filters.

If you want to use any of the snapchat filters not seen in this lineup, follow the procedure.

Step 1: Launch the app.

Step 2: with the front camera, confirm it for face recognition method. Wait for it to show you filters, now you want some more options. Or you can use the rear camera on your phone and by tapping the screen you will see options.

Step 3: Among them, find the face icon in the bottom right of the catch button.

Step 4: Tap it to see more options.

Step 5: It directs you to the community lens section, here you will be able to see different filters.

There are people introduced and they can be used by pressing them.

This is how you can use the snapchat filter for 24 hours.

Which are the best snapchat Filters to try?
Well, we’ve curated a list that will be helpful for you to look at the ones available on your favorite app.

1. Flower crown
The most preferred of all, it is gender neutral and desired ever since its introduction. You can see this filter making a comeback every other day. This is because it is one of the best snapchat filters and you have of course tried it if you have known snapchat for a long time. For the new users, this is a must try, its bright appearance makes you look like having a bright day.

2. Dogface
The famous dog sticking out the filter must be one of the leading snapchat filters. This is one of the best snapchat filters of all time and everyone has tried it once. Filters became popular with this adorable puppy on the way to a lot of common platforms. This is just another of the evergreen snapchat filter that is much loved by users.

3. Rainbow Puke
This may sound a little rough, but it’s not. This is a filter that makes your eyes bulge, and when you open your mouth, a rainbow-colored stream appears out of it. Rainbow Puke is the best snapchat filter is the funniest and that you look the craziest.

4. Face Swap
It’s another of the entertaining filters that makes two people’s faces swap on each other. This made for more fun moments, thus making it the best snapchat filter. People often use it to create funny videos where they also try to swap faces with their pets and you can watch them for your entertainment.

5. Cry face
The crying face filter is one of the most sought after on snapchat. This changes the shape of your face into a chubby round and adds animated tears coming out of your eyes. The pussy mouth adds to the glowing eyes and it finishes the look.

6. Sunglasses
Adding aviator style sunglasses to your face with the amazing background score is one of the best snapchat filters. It has been viewed as one of the Trend View filters of all time and therefore a lot of types of glasses have been introduced.

7. Butterfly filter
This is unlike other filters and simply increases the golden butterflies around your head like a crown. You can also see that makeup is added on your face. Butterfly filter keeps making their comeback, becoming one of the favorites.

8. Pretty filter
This filter will increase beauty and should be the most used snapchat filter. Do what is expected Pretty filter of it makes you beautiful by creating an immaculate face. The divine beauty captured with the camera on the snapchat filter are the ones that make the best snapchat filter.

9. Heart Eyes
Heart Eyes is another popular snapchat filter and widely used by people. It will give a pink blush with pop up hearts over your eyes. It’s a very sweet looking filter that people often use to emulate emojis.

10. Wrap face
This will keep reappearing as various forms of use on snapchat. This filter will surely remind you of your childhood visit to the Magic Mirrors museum. One does the same with the face as it expands and pulls at different times.


This is how to use some of the best snapchat filters. You can now get the community lens filters from the app and share it out of the phone. You can also start by learning how to create a snapchat filter for yourself. We hope you like these snapchat filters on curated list, if you would like to add one to this list, mention in the comments section below.

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