Krisp For Windows | Mute Background Noise During Calls

Krisp For Windows | Mute Background Noise During Calls
Written by HollyBates

Krisp, an application that was originally published for Mac OS X to cancel background noise, is now also accessible for Windows devices.

The application attempts to tackle a issue that often brings with it calling on Windows or Mac devices: background noise and its impact on the quality of the call.

Krisp For Windows | Mute Background Noise During Calls

Krisp For Windows | Mute Background Noise During Calls

Background noise is mainly dependent on the noise itself and the impact it has on calls you create. If you need to create a call from a crowded location or in noisy settings, it can be quite distracting; not only are you influenced by this, but background noise can also affect the individuals you speak to.

Background noise from call participants can also be highly annoying, and Krisp promises to take care of both of these.

Krisp attempts to mute or mask background noise during calls, and other microphone activity. Installation and use is not as straightforward as one would expect though.

Krisp For Windows, sits idly in the system tray area upon installation, and the first thing that you will notice when you activate it is a prompt to sign in.

I’m not a huge fan of applications that require you to sign in before you can do anything with them. Apart from the bad user experience, it also raises privacy alarm bells right from the get-go. Krisp loads a login page in the default browser when you activate the login option. There you are asked to enter your email address and confirm it by entering a code that was sent to it.

The local application should pick up the sign-in state so that you can start using it; this was not the case on one of the devices I tested it on. The app seemed stuck on “Loading Krisp Please Wait” and the “try again” button would not resolve the issue.

You need to select Krisp as the speaker/microphone if you get past this. Just toggle the “mute noise” option afterward under microphone or speaker to reduce background noise while using the speakers or microphone.

Krisp is designed for calls but it can also be very useful if you use voice chat applications such as Discor, Teamspeak, or others.

How Good Is The Noise Cancelling?

You can check out a demo on the Krisp homepage that gives you answers for common scenarios such as coffee shop, conferencing, street, or screaming child. The developers also plan to release Krisp for Android, and iOS in the future as well.

Krisp is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit only. Download Krisp From Here!

Final Words

Krisp does a great job when it comes to cancelling background noise when you use the microphone on your computer or listen to others. I wish it would not enforce the sign-in as there is no need for that at all at this point in time.

Now You: Have you tried Krisp For Windows? What is your take?

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