If You Lost All Your Passwords In Firefox, Then Here It Is How To Fix It?

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If You Lost All Your Passwords In Firefox, Then Here It Is How To Fix It?

Reports are coming in by Firefox Users from all over the world that saved passwords are no longer available when they start the web browser.

Firefox, just like any other modern browser, supports the saving of authentication information to improve the sign-in process on websites. Instead of having to enter the passwords manually each time they are requested, Firefox would provide the password when needed.

Firefox saves the data in the File Logins.Json in the Firefox profile folder.

Reports suggest that Avast and AVG security applications cause the issue for Firefox users. It appears that the software programs somehow corrupt the login.json file so that Firefox cannot read it anymore.

It is possible that other security programs may cause the issue as well.

Good news is that the passwords are still there and that affected users should be able to recover them on their devices. Bad news is that this is only a temporary solution as the files will be corrupted again unless Avast updates its software programs to address the issue.

In other words: the issue is not caused by Firefox, it is caused by third-party software that corrupts the logins file of the Firefox web browser.

If You Lost All Your Passwords In Firefox, Then Here It Is How To Fix It?

Here It Ow To Fix The Lost Password Issue:

  1. Open the Firefox web browser.
  2. Load about:support.
  3. Click on the “open folder” link near the top of the page that opens; this opens the profile folder.
  4. Close Firefox.
  5. Check if you see a file called logins.json.corrupt.
  6. If you do, rename the file to logins.json to fix it.
  7. Start Firefox. The passwords should be available again.

The Fix Is A Temporary One As The Logins File Will Corrupt Again When You Restart The System.

One option to fix the issue on the user’s end would be to exclude Firefox or the file from scans. Other than that, you either have to wait for AVG/Avast to issue a patch that addresses the problem or remove the software from the system.

Some Firefox users fixed the issue by rolling back to Firefox 67.0.1; AVG/Avast software appears to play fine with that version of the browser.

The incident is not the first time that AVG or Avast Software caused issues in Firefox. When Firefox 61 was released in mid 2018, the browser suddenly threw Secure Connection Failed errors when attempting to connect to HTTPS sites. Then in February 2019, users would get Sec_Error_Unknown_Issuer when connecting to secure sites. Turned out that the issues were caused by the security software.

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