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20 Best Applications For Online Learning You Must Know!

20 Best Applications For Online Learning You Must Know! As more and more people are turning to the Internet to supplement their courses and enhance their education independently, many applications will be available for free or at low cost to help with a variety of academic subjects. There are even tools available to help you with everything from writing your papers and planning for different projects, to giving you quick access to information on any topic that might interest you.

Here is just a example of some of the best apps for online learning; either web, iPhone, and Android apps from around the web, specifically tailored for online learners.

Best Apps For Online Learning

  • Evernote–This is a great iPhone app for note-taking. It’s free, supports text, photo, and voice notes, and it syncs to an online account so it securely back your data up no matter what happens to your iPhone! It even integrates photo-based search, Twitter, and geolocation. You can access the notes later from your Mac or PC, too.
  • Wikipedia–Now, you can access the world’s most comprehensive online encyclopedia on the go! It’s not the world’s most reliable research source, but it’s an easy way to get a basic grasp of just about any subject.
  • com–Easily lookup any word for free from your phone. This app also supports mobile access to, so you can find the word you’re looking for exactly.
  • 3D Brain–A free app for iPad and iPhone. It allows students to see the human brain. It even describes what each part does. That is great for a beginning class on any subject related to the mind.
  • History: Maps of the World–A free iPad and iPhone app that includes both contemporary and ancient maps. Great for the history or geography student.
  • NASA App–This is the official app of the US government space agency, NASA–it includes images and videos of space, a calendar of NASA missions, and a launch schedule. Space fans can also learn about individual satellites. Great for kids, but this one is fun for adults, too.
  • iTunes U–Free podcast lectures from top schools delivered straight to your Apple device. You can even subscribe to your computer through iTunes and sync to your iPod or other MP3 players. These free courses include material from UC Berkeley, MIT, and other prestigious universities. A must-have!
  • iBooks– Read books straight from your iPad. You can access best-sellers, classic literature, and even full-screen, interactive textbooks. Unlike a traditional textbook, you can search the text and instantly find what you’re looking for exactly.
  • TED–Now you can view talks from some world’s leading experts on many topics, instantly and for free on either iPad or iPhone. You can browse and search in online or offline mode. There’s even “TEDRadio,” an instant, streaming audio channel with TED talks 24/7.


Android Applications:


  • Gdocs–An official Google app that allows you to connect to your Google Docs account for easy access on the go. You can use it from your Android device or any computer. There’s even support for multiple accounts (say, a personal and school account), a PDF viewer, document syncing, and more.
  • ColorDict Universal Dictionary–The great thing about this dictionary is that you can search for words even without being connected to the Internet. You can scan multiple dictionaries, and there’s also an option to search for idioms–not just individual words.
  • DroidScan–Allows you to turn your smartphone into a high-quality document scanner! The app uses perspective correction to convert captured images into high-quality scans. It is excellent if you don’t have the benefit of access to a campus computer lab and don’t have a scanner at home. Why buy yet another piece of equipment when your Droid has the power to scan paperwork for you?
  • Microsoft Office Mobile–Now, you can read any document format without having to buy expensive software for your computer, even on the go. This app opens PDFs, Word Documents (yes, even .docx!), PowerPoint presentations.
  • Mathdroid–This free app turns your Android phone into a scientific calculator. One less machine to worry about carrying around–and more useful and functional than the built-in calculators in most phones.
  • Periodic Table–This app makes studying chemistry or biology easy! Look up information on any element right from your smartphone. Much easier to carry around with you than a printout of the entire periodic table.
  • Voice Recorder–If you hate taking notes by hand, this app is the one for you. You can record audio (and even record based on a timer), title your files, search for recordings by title and date, set recordings as ringtones, playback your recordings, and send them to yourself via Gmail.
  • Star Chart–This is the app for anyone interested in astronomy–using your phone’s GPS, you can point it at the sky, and Star Chart will show you precisely what you’re looking at! You can also scroll around the night sky to find out the names of constellations and stars. It even has a catalog of deep-space objects and powerful zoom features–it’s not the same as your telescope, but at $2.99, it’s much more affordable!

These are only a small example of all the great education applications out there! There are so many, and we couldn’t even cover them all. But hopefully, regardless of the device you’re using or subject you’re studying, you’ll be able to find what you need on this list.

Are there any great applications out there that we missed? Let us know! We always encourage feedback in the comments.


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