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How To Copy Text From A Protected Web Page?

In this age of digital connectivity, it is difficult to ensure that the original content on your site is not distributed or used elsewhere without your knowledge. To combat this form of copyright infringement, some websites contain “PROTECTED” content. This term is used to describe websites, where it is impossible to click on the text or select content on the page for the purpose of copying and pasting. If you need to copy text from a secure website, you need to take a creative approach.Some sites have enabled a JavaScript command that restricts your ability to copy content.

7 Best Ways To Copy Content From A Website With Disabled Text Selection And Right Clicking

1. Disable Javascript From The Browser

When website publishers create protected content, it embeds them in a JavaScript code that does not allow users to interact with the text on the page on their websites. This JavaScript code is, for lack of a better phrase, embedded in the site, so copy protections remain enabled, regardless of the browser or platform you used to view them. Before you can copy text from a secure website, you must work around this impediment.

Perhaps the most effective method at your disposal to circumvent this problem is to disable JavaScript in your browser. By doing this, you ensure that the website cannot implement this content protection tool. To disable JavaScript in your browser, you must first access the browser settings controls.

  • Safari Browser- For example, if you are using the Safari browser, your first step is to select Preferences from the Safari drop-down menu at the top of the screen. In the Preferences window, click the Security tab, and then click the checkmark in front of Enable JavaScript.
  • Firefox Browser- If you are using the Firefox browser, type about: configure in the URL bar at the top of the screen. Firefox gives you an alert that you must accept before proceeding with the process. When this is complete, a window displays an extensive list of extensions active in Firefox. Scroll to the JavaScript.enabled preference object. Double-click this phrase to disable JavaScript in your browser.

After it disables JavaScript, you must be able to work around any protection included in the website you are visiting. Your interest is to reactivate JavaScript when you finish copying, since some popular sites may not work correctly without it.

3. Select From Inspect Element

Even if you are looking for a download extension, you can still get the copy directly from the actual site code without having to download any add-on-browser.

If you can click and drag over the text on the web page, select the specific content you want to copy and then right-click. From here, click the Inspect Element option in the menu. A window will appear showing the explicit material you have chosen as part of the website’s source code. You may copy and paste as needed.

4. Copy From Website Source Code

If you cannot select the specific batch of content for page restrictions, right-click anywhere on the page and select the View Source Source command to view the full HTML code for the page. Scroll through the code until you reach the desired content and copy and paste from there.

5. Use Of Proxy Sites

Unlike disabling JavaScript from browser settings, some proxy websites will give you the option to disable JavaScript before accessing a website.Many websites offer this service, search for “free proxy website” in your favorite search engine, and start experimenting.

5. Print Website To PDF

In this case, you must install PDF print drivers, such as PDFCreator. After installing the drivers, you can easily print that web page in PDF, and then you can copy the content you need.

6. Disable From CSS User-Select Property

CSS, i.e. Cascading Style Sheets, is what defines how the website looks likes i.e. the colors, fonts e.t.c This tool can also be used to disable text selection on a website using the property:user-select

Using inspect element window locate this property on the CSS. If you find it  ‘untick’ to disable it.

7. Take A Screenshot Of The Content.

This is particularly useful with images where you can take a screenshot of the images on the restricted website and save them to your computer. Also, using OCR. that is, the “Optical Character Recognition” technology can extract all visible text as editable text and copy the text.


It is an excellent practice always to recognize the source once you copy any information from a website; that way it will not steal.

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