2 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Websites You Must Know

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2 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Websites You Must Know!

In this blog post, you will read about 2 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Websites. Now days Pinterest is one of the best platforms to get ideas for several subjects. It is a perfect catalog to search content for fashion, food, memes, wallpaper, quotes, writings etc. Apart from images, you get to watch videos on Pinterest. Here, you can watch DIY videos or other useful videos available on Pinterest.

Though there is a simple way to download Pinterest images from phone or web. But, there is no direct way to download Pinterest videos from phone or web.

Here, I’m revealing 2 free websites to download videos from Pinterest. These free online Pinterest video downloader websites just require a URL of the Pinterest videos. Thereafter, you can download as many as video from Pinterest online easily.

You can also download GIFs in addition to downloading videos. Pinterest has nice and funny GIF collection. To download Pinterest GIFs, you can attempt distinct techniques.

So let’s check out these online Pinterest video downloader sources, to save amazing ideas from Pinterest.

2 Best Pinterest Video Downloader Websites You Must Know

1. Experts PHP

Experts PHP is a best free online Pinterest video downloader. The website enables you to download videos and photos from Pinterest. Also, you can download videos from Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Using this website, you can download videos and GIFs available on Pinterest. All you need to enter the video URL and download the video in just one click.

To doing this, firstly, you need to log in your Pinterest account. Then, you can search for videos in the search bar. And whichever video you like to download, copy its link.


  1. You can either hover your mouse over the video -> click the arrow on the bottom right of the video -> Copy link.
  2. Open the video which you want to download -> copy the entire URL from the Omnibox/address bar.

The link which you copy can be pasted in the Pinterest Video Downloader search engine. Thereafter, it finds out the video through a link. And after that, you will be able to download the video on your laptop/PC.

To download the video, you can click the three vertical dots and download the video. Or, you can click the download link below-> click right -> save video as (in the specified folder).

2. Catch.Tube

Catch.Tube is another free online Pinterest video downloader website. The site lets you download video by URL. Using this video downloader, you can save videos from multiple platforms. It supports YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Dailymotion, and many other video platforms.

In order to download the Pinterest videos, you will have to copy the video link from your Pinterest account. You can follow the aforementioned way to copy the Pinterest video link.

Thereafter, you can drop that link in the video downloader search engine. Then, you can click on the Catch Video. Doing so, the Pinterest video downloader catches the video and brings to you to download.

To download the video, you will see the option titled Download video/Mp4 on the right. You can click on that. However, the video does not get downloaded directly. So, for that, you will have to right click, and save video as in the specified folder.

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