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10 Best Alternatives To Fences You Should Try

10 Best Alternatives To Fences You Should Try: Desktop is still a key component of PCs and laptops. We have to access many files, folders, and computer documents every day. The ordered structure of files and folders simplifies the tasks of each day. If it has a proper place, you can readily discover any folder easily.

FENCE is the tool that runs the desktop and arranges all the folders. It also hides the unwanted folders on the desktop making space for significant documents. It has many customization choices that allow you to resize the folders and scale the wall.

Here is the list of 10 Best Alternatives To Fences You Should Try.

  • TAGO Fences 
  • Stardock Fences
  • Nimi Places
  • SideSlide
  • ViPad
  • DragThing
  • XLaunchpad
  • VeBest Icon Groups
  • DiskSpace
  • Icon Configuration Utility

Let’s Check The Details Of 5 Best Alternatives To Fences One By One.

  1. TAGO Fences

TAGO Fences is a useful & powerful app for arranging your desktop documents. It structured all the documents so you can operate in a particular way. Managing all your music files, video files, movies, documents, worksheets and folders will make your job much simpler. There are many unwanted folders that you don’t use every day regularly. TAGO Fences application protects all useless documents and folders to prevent the chaos. It will offer a more structured and arranged desktop.

You Can Download TAGO Fences Here!

  1. STARDOCK Fences

The next on the list of Fences alternatives is Stardock Fences app. It links several folders for simplifying the effort. You can switch from one file to another instantly with Stardock Fences app. It comes with keyboard launcher which has a calculator, and navigator. You can further add reminders, notes, commands, and URLs on the desktop. It styles your desktop organized and well arranged. The app includes foldable and detachable folders to give you adequate workspace.

You Can Download STARDOCK Fences Here!

  1. Nimi Places

Nimi Places provides you the convenience of managing your desktop as you like. Numerous desktop folders generate a glitch in the PC and laptop. It understands the documents you scarcely use. It protects the unnecessary documents and folders that eat big room in PCs and laptops. Nimi Places app separates files and files easily searched at different places. It connects at one moment many folders.

You Can Download Nimi Places Free From Here!

  1. SideSlide

Next on the list is SideSlide. This tool makes your work more interesting with the organized desktop. It will make it easy for you to create shortcuts to get all your favorite movies, music files,and videos. Whether it is an excel sheet or PowerPoint presentation, SideSlide app locates it to a perfect place. So now, if you have many images, pictures, music files, and documents, this app will manage them all. It is absolutely free of cost to use this app.  Additionally, you can also add reminders and notes on your desktop.

Your Can Download SideSlide Free From Here!

  1. ViPad

Vipad is one of the best Fences alternatives you can use on your PC. It produces a beautiful workplace for professionals who have to spend more time on PC. It gives you shortcuts to use the various files, and folders. You can add several slideshows to ease office work. ViPad also has many stylish wallpapers, and themes to enhance the look of your desktop. It comes with special effects to beautify your desktop.

Your Can Download ViPad Free From Here!

  1. DragThing

The user of Mac OS can install DragThing app on their PCs & laptops. It comes with by which you can color or give shape to the folders. You can organize contents in the form of tabs. It will also offer you a keyboard shortcut to comfort your work, and save time. DragThing is added in this list as it will be simple for you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s an award winning product & has bagged the title of one of the best alternatives for PC.

You can Download DragThing From Here!


  1. VeBest Icon Groups

A free application for PC, VeBest Icon Groups has simple and easy user-interface. If you are used to working with shortcuts, this tool will definitely help you. It is a shortcut manager, and properly organizes all the files, and folders. If your desktops have multiple work presentations, you can organize them in the way easily accessible to you. You can place all the colorful notes in a common folder or separate ones. It is really a handy application for beginners as well as advance level users.

Your Can Download VeBest Icon Groups Here!

  1. XLaunchpad

XLaunchpad is a lovely option to choose for macOS. With several customization options, this tool provides you a clutter-free desktop for good quality of work. The application organizes all files, folders, and documents in a clear-cut way. It is a good shortcut manager to create shortcuts for accessing all the folders. When you want a specific file or the folder, you will get it quickly with the help of XLaunchpad tool. It also offers you the capability to resize the icons on the desktop.

Your Can Download XLaunchpad Free From Here!

  1. DiskSpace

DiskSpace application will offer you full freedom from messy desktop forever. You can get a 14-day trial version of this tool to check the performance. DiskSpace arranges all the important projects on the desktop. It organizes all the icons of your desktop in a neat way. It is a great tool for the beautiful desktop.

Your Can Download DiskSpace Here!

  1. Icon Configuration Utility

The last one on the list is Icon Configuration Utility. If you need a decent layout of the desktop, you should try for Icon Configuration Utility. It has a very simple user interface which everyone can understand. You can display the icons in your own style with the help of this tool. You can create shortcuts or arrange notes in a folder. It does a good level of synchronization on your desktop so that you can adore work more and more. This is one of the best Fences alternatives app available for free of cost.

Your Can Download Icon Configuration Utility Here!


In short, these are some of the best Fences alternatives which you can use on PC for doing good quality work. They give you a well-ordered desktop with better functions and options.

Even if you have infinite files and folders, these tools or apps will arrange them all neatly. By installing these tools on your PC, you will enjoy the work daily. These applications will make simpler every task of yours.


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How to Add Countdown Timer to Any Email Address?

How to Add Countdown Timer to Any Email Address?

Here In This post, I am describing an easy way to add a countdown timer to your email address. A countdown timer can have a number of apps in emails. You can attach a countdown timer to your advertising email for limited time offers, contest entry window, etc. You can also use it to display the deadline in professional emails. But the main problem is how to add a timer because no email server or client has this function by default. Well, there’s an easy answer here.

Email Taco is a free web service to create countdown timers for emails, and web pages. You can simply provide the expiry date and time, and it generates a running countdown timer for you. The timer is a clickthrough GIF file and Email Taco provides an Image URL, and an Image HTML for that. If you use HTML emails, you can embed the Image HTML of the timer in the email. Otherwise, you can use the Image URL. Let’s check out how it’s done.

To add a countdown timer to email, first, you need to make one. For that, head to the Email Taco website. It is a single-page website with an option to create countdown timer right in the center.

Create A Countdown Timer:

To create a countdown timer, add the expiry date along with time. When you do that, it shows the counter timer GIF below that. It provides an Image URL and Image HTML to use the timer.

Add Countdown Timer in Gmail

use countdown timer in gmail

How to Add Countdown Timer to Email?

Since Gmail by default does not have an option for HTML email, you can use the countdown timer Image URL. To do that, click the Attach File option in the compose box. This opens the attachment popup. Now, head to the Web Address (URL) section, paste the countdown timer Image URL there and click Insert. This adds the countdown timer to Gmail.

Add Countdown Timer to HTML Emails

add countdown timer to html emails

To add a countdown timer to an HTML email simply add the countdown timer Image HTML in the HTML code where you want to add it. You can use this with HTML email editors like PilotMail.

preview of countdown timer in email

How to Add Countdown Timer to Any Email Address?

Here is an screenshot of countdown timer in email. The timer is clickthrough and continuously runs till it ends.

Final Words:

Email Taco is a handy option to add a countdown timer to emails. Since it generates Image URL and Image HTML, you can use it with regular emails as well as with HTML emails. Give it a try yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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4 Best Online Anime Character Maker Websites

You will know about Best Online Anime Character Maker Websites in this blog post. These websites are free. And you can produce cute anime avatars in minutes without even signing-up. The websites require you to select a gender to provide you with tools based on the gender chosen by the avatar maker services.

These sites allow you a set of items and tools to use to your avatar characters. Tools such as faces, clothes, shoes and much components are available You can have clothes to create your character look spectacular.

If you want to use Android applications to make avatars then you can use these best anime character creator apps. And for the online services, look for these best anime character maker websites.

1. Avachara

Avachara is an online anime character maker. This site helps you to create beautiful characters using tools and objects. Also, you can save the image and share your avatar on your social media accounts.

When you open the website, the very first thing you need to do is to choose the gender. You can create male and female anime character with ease.

To make your character, you can create basic structures such as the face, eye, nose, lips, etc. Then you can dress your character. Also, use other tools like items which include glasses, pets, icons, etc.

When you’re done, you can click right on the avatar and save image on your computer. You can share your avatar on your social media accounts like Facebook.

You Can Try Avachara Here.

2. Cartoonify

Cartoonify can also be used as an online anime character maker. This online service lets you generate an avatar quickly with no software installation.

When you visit the website, you need to choose a gender. Then you will get tools based on the selected gender. The website offers tools like different shapes of face, eyes, clothes, hair, mouth, and more. You can fix the background behind your created avatar. You can change the colors as well. And once done, you can save the created avatar. The image gets saved in vector SVG and PNG in different dimensions.

You Can Try Cartoonify Here.

3. Customanime.Com

Customanime.Com is also a good online anime character maker. As the name suggests, you can create custom anime character with this website.

The site comes up with a lot of features. When you open the website, it shows a random avatar which you can customize. If you see on the right, there are tools like hair, clothing, shoes, hats, tattoos, jewelry, and a lot more.

You can make your character rotate, flip horizontally and vertically as well. If you wish, you can add text as well. Also, use the slider to adjust the color of each tool applied to your avatar character. After creating the character, you can save it and use on your social media profile with your newly created avatar.

You Can Try Customanime.Com Here.

4. MakeGirlsMoe

MakeGirlsMoe is another online anime character maker. On this website, you can specifically design female anime avatars using its quite pretty tools.

Once you reach the website, you will find different options on the homepage. From here, you can access its basic or advanced features. Firstly, you can select a model from the dropdown. Then, you can add hair color, hairstyle, blush, hat, smile, mouth, and more to your avatar.

If you enable advanced mode, you can use the slider to fix the color and opacity of the applied tools on your avatar. Besides that, you can fix the noise of the image and then export the image on your computer.

You Can Try MakeGirlsMoe Here.

There are more choices for creating anime avatars on the web. But a few of them are just online games where you can design an anime character to achieve the next level. The above-mentioned websites are useful in creating and downloading anime avatar picture. You can then use these pictures on your social media profiles.

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Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts


Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts – With Google ever battling to provide the purest & informative content for its users, bloggers, and website owners must stay alive of the search algorithm updates. These steps will make sure that your site is unaffected from such updates, and it will secure your search rankings. Many individuals even use the technique of setting up many pages, each optimized for a unique long-tail keyword, even when many of the long tails they crave to rank for are related. We must take SEO to a more subtle stage. Being optimized will become unproductive as Google continues to refine its algorithm. 

Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts, Here Are Steps! 

Step1: Know which search keywords you are targeting with your post or article. Collect related long-tail keywords that are worded in the same form. For example, they may have the same first two or three words and the last word is different.

Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts


Step2: Choose the keyword that you will optimize the post for. You might take the one with the most search volume or the best ratio of search volume to the competition. This part is up to you because you find how competitive your site is. Write them down.

Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts

Step3: Create a great authority article between 1000-2000 words as the minimal, optimizing for your main keyword but using all the related long-tail keywords. You are still optimizing the page for one chosen keyword just as before. You wish to create a long and informative post.

Google Duplicate Content Checker

Step4: Use the alternative long-tail keywords, the ones you are not optimizing for, in your passage. They are so associated with your main keyword that you will have a great chance of ranking for them ever and avoid making multiple thin pages one for each keyword as many individuals are now doing. This avoids Google looking at these pages as redundant content but will rank you’re very full-page and stare at it. Use simple style so it makes sense. It must use the keywords in a natural, understandable manner. It cannot be keyword stuffing.

Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts

Step5: Make sure that this large post or article is well-structured and logically flowing. It encourages you to divide it into sections and subsections, using the Header tags. Breaking up your article into smaller well-defined chunks makes it easier to read and categorize.

Google Duplicate Content Checker

Step6: Check your grammar, spelling, and proofread your work. Google knows enough to find poor syntax and spelling with poor quality pages. Taking the extra time will assure that your page avoids a low-quality score.

Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts

Thanks for reading “Avoid Google Content Penalties While Creating Blog Posts. If you found this post useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Want more Tools & useful tips, you can follow us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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